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Wide Format Printer Systems

You can think of a Wide Format System as a machine that performs all the duties of a multifunction product (copy, print, scan, fax) but on a grander scale. Perfect for industries and businesses that require maps, posters, marketing materials, custom print sizes, floor plans, designs and many other print media types.

Wide Format Printer Systems

At Coastal Copy, we work with you to find the best Wide Format System to fit your organization’s needs. From necessary functions to budgetary constraints, we’ll help you find the optimal piece of equipment to give your business a leg up on its competition. Here are a few examples of businesses that will vastly benefit from having a Wide Format Printing System at their fingertips:

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Architects
  • Artists
  • Builders/Construction
  • Designers
  • Self Promoting Businesses

The capability to print wide scale opens up a lot of doors for businesses. To learn more about how Wide Format Systems can give you organization the boost it needs, contact us today through our Contact Page.

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