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Managed Print Services

At Coastal Copy, we understand print environment and the services your business needs to operate efficiently and effectively. Our managed services take care of the headaches involved with a business’ print and document environment along with the technologies that accompany them.

Managed Print Services are your organization’s gateway to optimize its print environment. Our solutions lower print costs, simplify tracking, and improve productivity and efficiency. With over forty years of experience in this field, Coastal Copy is here to solve your print environment woes. Just as our slogan states, “We make your business work” and our Managed Print Services do just that.

Managed Print Services

According to a study done by the Gartner Group, 1-3% of a company’s annual revenue is consumed by office printing. This may seem insignificant, but in a business world today where any overhead drags down the bottom line, you need to have measureable cost controls in place and know where your money is going. This can make the difference between a profitable company and one that goes out of business six months from now.

By setting effective print requirements and utilizing Managed Print Services, costs associated with printing can be reduced around 30%. This system can also improve efficiency and productivity as well which creates a powerful synergistic effect.

Managed Print Services Reduce Expenses by:

  • Utilizing proper print equipment and arrangements
  • Employing optimized printer configurations
  • Affordable quality supplies
  • Improved productivity
  • Document Technology Assessment

At Coastal Copy, our Document Technology Assessment takes all of the hassle out of your print environment. This assessment is how we determine the best methods and practices of implementing Managed Print to your organization.

Most businesses don’t even realize how much time and money is wasted in their printing and document processes. Imagine a more productive staff, better customer service, and all the while, you save money! Too good to be true? We don’t think so.

Here at Coastal Copy, we take a unique approach to Managed Print Services and getting your organization the services it needs. From the very beginning, we focus on returning the results you want to see while optimizing workflow and saving you money. Between printing, faxing, scanning, copying and distributing documents in the office, your information could be handled by multiple machines, floating around between many different users and finally arrive at its destination… or not. It doesn’t have to be this difficult and disorganized.

The goal of our Document Technology Assessment is to determine how your organization currently handles document and information flow, and make it work better. Plain and simple. When we say ‘better’, we mean that your organization can save money, become more efficient, effective and profitable, and generally serve your clients better by optimizing your document processes and systems.

Document Technology Assessment

Managing and reducing costs becomes easy after implementing a proper Document Technology Assessment. We access your current print situation, optimize printing equipment and practices, and reduce all your print related expenses down to a simple cost-per-page model making tracking expenses a breeze.


The first step is to determine the current print practices and procedures in your business. You can’t know how to improve something if you don’t know how it works.


After assessing your printing needs, we will suggest and help you implement the changes to the way the organization handles documents and document processes to meet both the organization’s budgetary and achievement goals.


Detailed reports on costs, print volumes and processes are provided showing how well the new system works and what still can be improved upon.


Continuous optimization of equipment, arrangement, process and practices will keep you moving towards efficiency. Regular meetings and reviews of your usage patterns and business needs allows us to serve you best.

To schedule a Document Technology Assessment or learn more about how it works, check out our contact page or give us a call today!

Cost Management & Reduction

When it comes to Managed Print Services from Coastal Copy, it exists for one reason: to help your business. If our services don’t aid your organization, then we don’t have any reason to provide them. But what if you could improve your employees’ productivity and effectiveness while reducing your print environment costs by 20-30%?

This is where Coastal Copy comes in with our Managed Print Services. After an initial Document Technology Assessment, we suggest ways to improve your print environment that satisfy organizational goals and moving toward optimization.

Cost Management & Reduction

Your print environment can help your organization operate more efficiently and save money in the process. We strive to ensure leverage of the highest productivity practices that simultaneously manage and reduce costs. This is achieved through a few general strategies that will give your business the leg up on your competition.

Remote Monitoring

Continuous equipment and usage monitoring is a breeze with remote monitoring of device status, usage, consumable levels, etc.

Document Routing

Why print high volume jobs on high cost machines? Our software will help you route print jobs to the most appropriate printing equipment.

Device Consolidation

A wide array of different brands and capabilities is a headache and impossible to manage efficiently. Rid your organization of redundant devices, unnecessary consumable waste, and high tech support costs.

Outsource Fleet Management

Many clients benefit from outsourcing their printer fleet to us where we provide regular maintenance, onsite support, supplies and continuous remote monitoring for efficiency.

Device Arrangement

The usage of proper devices in proper departments can make a drastic difference in printing and document expenses for a business, regardless of size.

These are just a handful of the effective and potent strategies that we employ to reduce and manage your document environment costs. Schedule a Document Technology Assessment or Contact Us today to start realizing cost savings in your business!

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