Coastal Copy

Multifunction and Duplicators

Multifunction products or MFPs are a cornerstone piece of equipment for modern day business offices. Like other office equipment, the have specific functions but also have the ability to combine these functions together into one machine. They save space, time, effort and money. Tell me, why would you resist something if it makes your life easier and saves you money to boot?

By integrating MFPs and duplicators with network applications and software, one can truly begin to improve and optimize workflow efficiencies throughout the company. The potential is there, will you use it?

Multifunction products perform exactly as you would assume from the name, they perform multiple functions. Here are just some of the main functions that MFPs have the capability of accomplishing.


Whether you are copying in black and white or monochrome, a multifunction device from Coastal Copy will get the job done. Control print costs by reducing paper, toner and other consumables waste with the copying function of an MFP.


With integration into your equipment network, MFPs are able to print directly from desktops producing day-to-day document, standard forms, electronic forms, invoices and virtually any print job you need completed.


Office workflow can be significantly improved with an MFP device capable of scanning functions. Whether black and white or monochrome, scan, store, file, send, email or manage your scanned document in the file type that best fits the job.


Upgrade your existing fax machine to an all-purpose machine that combines the fax function with all these capabilities listed above. Perform desktop faxing to individuals, or internal and external computer networks.

With all of these capabilities, it only makes sense to consolidate your equipment into easier, cheaper and more effective equipment. Check out our MFPs in our Catalog or contact us through our Contact Page to learn more about these devices and how they can give your organization a boost!